What is the Shoeburyness Coastal Community Team?

Coastal Community Teams  were launched as an initiative by the Department for Local Government (DCLG) across England in 2015.  They were intended to encourage a greater local partnership working in coastal areas. Shoeburyness CCT is one of over 140 that established in England between 2015 and 2017. DCLG has become the Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and and oversight for coastal issues is now within the Cities & Local Growth Unit which is responsible to both MHCLG and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BIES).

Guidance in 2015 for CCTs included supporting the following:

  • Encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas
  • Support the development of local solutions to economic issues facing coastal communities
  • Establish a network of teams across England who can work together and with Government to tackle issues facing coastal communities
  • Encourage the sustainable use of heritage/cultural assets to provide both a focus for community activities and enhanced economic opportunities

The Shoeburyness CCT produced an Economic Plan in January 2016, and has recently put out an updated version in for May 2020. This is out for consultation with stakeholders, and following further updates will be published in the summer 2020. There is a key focus on some important local projects and making sure that Shoeburyness is well promoted as a visitor destination with improved facilities or visitors and local communities. The top priority project is taking forward the Cart & Wagon Shed in Gunners Park which will be run by Shoebury Coastal CIC and provide heritage interpretation, archives, community space and a cafe.