What is the Shoeburyness Coastal Community Team?

Coastal Community Teams are a Department for Local Government (DCLG) initiative across England which is intended to encourage a greater local partnership working in coastal areas. Shoeburyness CCT is one of 118 that are now getting established across England. Each CCT is intended to:

Encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas

  • Support the development of local solutions to economic issues facing coastal communities
  • Establish a network of teams across England who can work together and with Government to tackle issues facing coastal communities
  • Encourage the sustainable use of heritage/cultural assets to provide both a focus for community activities and enhanced economic opportunities

The Shoeburyness CCT will produce a simple economic plan by the end of January 2016 that will tell the Government what the priorities are for Shoeburyness as a coastal community. This will look at things like the future of historic buildings at Gunners Park including the proposed new Heritage Centre, and how to promote Shoeburyness better to visitors as well as ensuring that the area is a great place to live. In the end we hope that the economic plan will help Shoeburyness secure investment in priority projects over the next few years.

To do all of this we have formed a team with representatives from local groups and organisations. See the page on Membership for more information on this.