The Shoeburyness CCT Survey for 2020 is here: Shoeburyness CCT Community Survey 2020

For the purposes of this survey we would ask that you consider your responses as though the current Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown have been fully lifted. The results of this survey will be relevant well into the future.

About the Survey

Shoeburyness CCT is now undertaking a community survey to inform its future priorities (closing on 25th June 2020). The CCT undertook an original survey in 2015 which informed the development of the first CCT Economic Plan for the Shoeburyness Coastal area. The results of this were included in the Economic Plan that was completed and published in January 2016.

If you would like to take part in this new survey then please click on the link below. It takes around 5 minutes, asking a few questions about your perceptions of the area and key projects. No personal information will be collected, but you can leave your contact details if you want to be contacted about the work of the CCT or if you want to get involved in a particular project. See the Privacy Statement below.

Note on Covid-19 – Clearly this is an unprecedented time that is changing the way people think and behave, particularly in relation to making visits to public spaces and attractions and taking part in social activities and gatherings. However, for the purposes of this survey we would ask that you consider your responses as though the current lockdown and restrictions have been fully lifted. The results of this survey will be relevant for the next few years.

Shoeburyness CCT Community Survey 2020

Your Data is Important – Privacy Statement

The Cultural Engine CIC is managing this survey on behalf of the Shoeburyness Coastal Community Team (SCCT). The SCCT is an informal group and therefore does not have any specific policies or procedures relating to data or privacy.

If you provide your contact information (email or mobile) through this survey it is because you have requested that someone from the Shoeburyness Coastal Community Team should contact you about the Cart & Wagon Shed project or other relevant projects that you might be interested in. The only person your information will be shared with is John Budge (Vice-Chair of the SCCT). He is the nominated person from SCCT for making contact with those who have provided their contact details.

Contact email for John Budge is:

Or you can email the Cultural Engine at Or call 07765 242241

Please email us if you do not wish to have any contact information you have supplied to be used to contact you, and we will delete all records.

The Cultural Engine CIC (and SCCT) of course understand that your personal information and privacy is important to you, and therefore makes every effort to ensure that the information you share with us is recorded accurately, retained securely, used only according to your wishes and only held for as long as it is needed.

We protect your personal information and adhere to all current data protection act legislation with respect to protecting privacy and processing data. The Cultural Engine CIC (or the SCCT or any of the organisations represented on the SCCT) does not give out, sell or trade any personal data with external organisations, or share your personal data with any third parties including project partners.

Contact will be made with you once to tell you more about the Cart & Wagon Shed project and other opportunities to get involved in volunteering for example. If you are happy for us to hold your contact details securely then you can confirm this and only then will we make any further contact with you regarding the any projects that SCCT is involved with that you may be interested in. On this first contact it will only be John Budge (SCCT) or Cultural Engine CIC making contact.

The Cultural Engine CIC respect individuals’ rights to data privacy and protection and will uphold all requirements of the GDPR legislation.